Band Reeves

Born and raised in East Texas, the Reeves brother’s sound combines the best elements of faith and smart songwriting with country and rock. 

Growing up, both brothers gravitated towards music. In fact, after learning guitar at the age of 12, Jeramy quickly began writing and recording original songs. Cody’s own love for music stretches back even further. He remembers belting out “My Name is Lazarus” by the Gaithers on Sunday mornings at church at the age of three and being enamored with the tight harmonies, vowing to emulate them some day. Both of them were inspired by their “Papa,” a drummer who was always talking about music and instilled a love and appreciation for it from a young age.

As they grew older, both brothers honed their skills in local churches, eventually deciding to pursue music full time. Currently, they travel the country spreading a message of hope through their songwriting and performances, weaving in elements of their strong faith in Jesus and their Christian upbringing. 

Their most recent EP, released in 2023, is called “Traveler,” and combines their strong southern roots with lyrics full of meaning and catchy harmonies.

The brothers currently reside in the Tyler, Texas, area. Jeramy is married to Madison, and together they have seven children: Ryker, Rhett, Revalie, Renlie, Ransom, Ridge, and Rhyme. Cody is married to the love of his life, Alyssa, and they have 2 children: Londyn and Lincoln. Both Jeramy’s and Cody’s families are intertwined with all the aspects of the band’s operation, from graphics, to booking, to recording, to traveling, to web structuring, and merchandise processes.