Chris August

When Chris August was 15 years old, he found his dad’s old 4-track tape recorder in his parents’ house in Garland, TX. That started Chris’ love not only for playing and writing music, but also for producing it. For the next few years, Chris would create and perform music in and around the Dallas area. His initial support came from his local church group and friends/family who helped to encourage him in his career as well as to grow in his faith.

In his early 20’s, Chris moved to Los Angeles to work with Joe Simpson and was signed to Geffen Records. Although he built great relationships and furthered his musical talents and abilities, he ultimately found himself back in Dallas in his home studio where he rededicated his life to Christ and wrote “Starry Night”.

That rededication to Christ ultimately led to an eight-year relationship with Fervent/Word records where he released three albums — No Far Away, The Upside Of Down, and The Maker. He’s had great radio success along with the way with hits such as “Starry Night”, “Center Of It”, and “7×70” and “The Maker”, and was recognized at the 42nd Annual Dove Awards with “New Artist of the Year”, “Male Vocalist of the Year”, and “Pop Album of the Year”. Even still, these years challenged Chris’ ability to be creative and inspired while trying to write songs that also fit the Christian genre. Through this season, Chris realized he needed to get back to creativity and inspiration without constraints.

“I wanted to get back to making music that moved me and was more authentic to who I am as an artist”, Chris says. This release is unlike any other record Chris has previously released. “I poured my soul into every lyric and every piece of music.” Not only did he write every song, and play almost every instrument heard, but he also produced and mixed the entire project. “I love the journey and the seasons we go through in life and felt like this release needed to be called Seasons because of where I am in my career, newly stepping out as an independent artist and excited to get this music out into the world. It’s my hope that these songs will encourage, inspire, and challenge people in the season of life they’re walking through now. ”