Nichole Nordeman

A self-described “wrestling poet,” singer/songwriter Nichole Nordeman doesn’t shy away from life’s messier realities when performing and creating her music.

Unflinchingly honest her songs include “Slow Down,” “This Mystery,” “Holy,” “Legacy” and “What If.” During the formation of each song, and played out within the lyrics, Nichole explores the nuances of life, faith and theology.

Nichole’s music career officially started back in the mid ‘90s while the Colorado Springs native was waiting tables in Los Angeles.

“I was in a place where I was struggling to reconcile some things that I knew about the Lord with some things that were happening in my life. I was having some trouble lining them up,” Nichole recalls. “‘To Know You’ came out of this really personal moment in my little one bedroom apartment in LA, behind my cheap little keyboard. It was written, like so many of my songs, as kind of a journal entry. I felt like going back and looking at some of the people that walked with Christ—Thomas and Nicodemus. They were so open with their confessions about their doubt. Thomas said, ‘Prove it’ and Nicodemus said, ‘Explain it.’ And Jesus didn’t hesitate to.

So as Christians, I feel as though we sometimes miss out on those raw and honest moments and “To Know You” was really born out of that freedom I felt to really come to God and say, ‘I need some help with these issues in my life.'”

These days Nichole lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her family.